The Betty Show setThe Betty show is a welcomed addition to the talk/variety television show hosted by Eugene Oregon’s personality and acclaimed “Hat Lady” BETTY SNOWDEN. The show features a mix of celebrity interviews with a twist, human interest stories, an insight to a wide array of educational topics, and programs that focus on current news. In addition to this eclectic list, “The Betty Show” will also enhance the viewer with an insider grasp to human interest stories. Betty has proven to captivate, inspire, and truly move her audience. With this in mind, you can only imagine and then discover just what’s under her hat.

Betty began her career as one of Eugene, Oregon’s top ranked real estate sales executives, appearing weekly as the host and producer for her own ½ hour program which focused on real estate. This successful leap to television was not only a platform for recognition in the real estate market, but an exploratory vehicle to showcase her expertise and knowledge in the industry. Betty’s charm and enthusiasm became a magnet in her community and her ability in developing a strong following can be attributed to her contagious energy and spirit on and off the air. One of Betty’s admirable priorities is how she dedicates a majority of her time in caring and helping the less fortunate. Her involvement and civic oriented passion remains highly active with many charitable organizations.

Because of the reality that her sincere concern for those in need sets her far and apart from others, she has been able to reflect and create this hospitable flair on her show.. Her genuine persona for others enriches her rapport with the experts and the celebrities featured on her show, to her audience and viewers…Betty Snowden belongs in your home.

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