It is the same each year. We over indulge through the Christmas holidays . We go to a gym with resolutions firmly fixed in our mind and vow we’ll stay with it this time around. Then all of a sudden March arrives and in some way these promises have fallen towards the wayside so we put our resolutions towards the back burners once more with guilt.

What exactly may be the trick to adhering to those bold fitness and well-being goals we make? How can we avoid failure? What is the secret?

The simple truth is, there’s no fast solution. I’m a huge fan of goal setting techniques, however I think the issue we encounter when the month of January comes round is we make these goals both impractical and unreachable.


Even before you consider establishing concrete fitness   resolutions, ask yourself “Will I actually want to accomplish this? Am I really prepared to do what must be done? “Here are a couple of pointers that may help you set your objectives.

  1. Set a practical time frame. Nothing happens overnight, rather than attempting to achieve all things in 30 days set lengthy mid and temporary goals for the entire year.
  2. Do not attempt and alter all of your lifestyle at once. Focus on a couple of changes at any given time, for instance if you wish to stop smoking, stop consuming, start working out and cleanup your diet plan . These are all huge changes to create and when you attempt to alter these all at once it will probably not work. Concentrate on overcoming individually.
  3. Create your objectives and post them on your refrigerator. This keeps your resolutions front of mind and it may also help if you tell buddies or co-workers because they will help remind you of promises you earn!
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Don’t let slip ups cause you to stop entirely, this isn’t acceptable!
  5. Take small steps. You can do this, best of mind and don’t forget changes in lifestyle are not only for a brand New Year but they’re FOR YOUR EXSISTENCE AND A NEW YOU.
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