Get a job with a great resumeFormat:

Most job seekers use the chronological resume, which displays job history starting with the most recent position. This makes sense when applying for upward promotion in the same field. If you are making a career change, however, consider a combination resume. Start with your achievements and skills and then mention your employment history and education so there isn’t an obvious disconnect for a potential employer.


Abandon the notion that a resume should simplyshowcase work history. Instead, use it as a tool to highlight your accomplishments and transferrable skills. While a cover letter should always be job specific, resumes can and should also be tweaked to emphasize requirements for the employer

Odds and Ends:

Pair any mention of past duties with action words to show what you accomplished with these tasks. In the education portion, list degrees and certifications, but, if it’s been more than ten years, don’t include the date of achievement. Lastly, only include references when specifically asked. Once your references have agreed to vouch for you, don’t forget to notify them ahead of time that a potential employer will be calling.

Written by Maresa Giovannini

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