If your dining room is primarily used for special occasions, it offers a wonderful opportunity for taking design risks.  To aid in selecting a color palette, here are a few essential elements to keep in mind.

Consider going bold with color, resulting in a room that is as much a piece of art as it is a place to share meals.  Statement making shades of moody navy, cheery coral or rich teal provide an unexpected punch of personality as wall colors.

If your space features wainscoting or abundant molding, use them to your advantage by either painting them or partnering them with patterned wallpaper, introduce  additional patters in curtains, chair upholstery, and table linens by mixing large and small scale geometrics and florals within a similar color palette.

Finally, don’t neglect the ceiling: gold or silver leaf add shimmer and shine overhead, while a complementary color can give dimension and draw the eye upward,  visually increasing the height of the room.


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